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Jozani Forest Tour & Mangrove Walk


A walk through the Jozani Forest is one of the highlights of any trip to Zanzibar, which will delight naturalists and nature lovers alike.

The Jozani – Chwaka Bay area (1.30 hour drive south) is a hotspot of biodiversity, one of the last remaining sanctuaries for red colobus monkey in the world. Your guide will take you on an informative walk through the forest, while explaining the medicinal uses of local plants and identifying species of birds and reptiles.

Troops of red colobus monkeys can be seen quite closely as they scramble through the branches. If you are lucky you may spot the elusive elephant shrew or a well-camouflaged chameleon!

The mangrove boardwalk allows you to spot crabs and tropical fish, while your guide will explain the importance of mangroves to environmental conservation and village life. This tour is best taken early in the morning to have the best chance of spotting wildlife.


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