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Spice Tour


This famous tour will allow you to visit the rural areas of Zanzibar, while connecting with the local people and the centuries-old history of Zanzibar as the epicenter of the Spice Trade.

The history of Zanzibar, is inextricably linked to the growing and trade of spices. In the 16thcentury spices were brought from Asia and Latin America, while they now flourish in the lush tropical climate of Zanzibar.

Our guided tour meanders through villages and plantations where farmers will allow you to discover, taste and smell cinnamon, vanilla, nutmeg, lemon grass, cloves, ylangylang, cumin, ginger, pepper, tamarind, chili and many more.

You will also be able to taste freshly picked tropical fruits including mangoes, passion fruits, avocado, papaya, local grapefruits, bananas, pineapples and more. The culinary and medicinal uses of spices and herbs will be explained by your guide.

Over lunch you will savour traditional Zanzibari cuisine spiced with local herbs and cooked in a local kitchen.

A visit to the coral caves and slave chambers in Mangapwani as well as a swim at the beach are included in the Spice Tour.


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